• Self-employed or a private landlord – is this you?

    • Shove all your receipts in a bag & your head in the sand? Try to do your books yourself when you’re tired, get confused & make mistakes? Get a partner or family member to do it? Or pay an accountant to correct your mistakes? You’re not alone!
    • Always leave it till the last minute & struggle to meet the 31st January tax deadline? You’re not alone! There were 750,000 late Tax Returns last year. Don’t give your hard-earned cash away in £100 fines (+ 3.25% interest!).
    • No idea what your financial position is right now, or will be in 3 months? Always forget to put money aside for tax? Finding it hard to navigate the ups & downs in your income? You’re not alone!

    You need to take control & keep on top of your finances, before HMRC brings in Making Tax Digital to make you submit 4 Tax Returns a year…

    • There are DIY apps out there but do you really want to spend time on complicated unpaid admin? Say goodbye to DIY!
    • We believe you’re better off doing the things you’re good at, & that the right solution is a bookkeeping solution.
    • However, you might have tried to use a local bookkeeper before but they can be difficult to find & price-compare.

    Our UK-based network of online bookkeepers is here for you every step of the way – & soon our web & mobile apps will be available in multiple languages.

  • You'll know upfront how much you’ll pay, & with different options that could be as little as £15 pcm…

  • Pricing

    (please note - All prices include VAT)

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    Submission service for full Tax Return
    Limited companies

  • The Balance app from Easy As 123

  • You Organise

    • Use our secure mobile app to scan & share receipts (bank, cash, credit card), & create sales invoices.
    • Provide bank data (upload a csv or link to an online feed).
    • Respond to notifications when we ask for more info on transactions that might be personal/disallowable or anomalies.

    We Analyse

    • We match your paperwork, analyse your ins & outs, & reconcile your bank account.
    • We can spot early on if there are problems now or on the horizon.
    • We deliver your books within 1 month & give you vital & easy-to-understand reports as well as simple figures for your Tax Return.

    You Visualise

    • See how your income is performing against targets & smooth through those difficult months.
    • Set aside for tax using our recommendation based on your actual situation.
    • Really drill down into reconciled data & build your own reports to see how much you're making/spending on a particular gig or expense category.
  • What our clients say

    Kate Bickmore

    Plumbing & Heating

    I just don’t have the time or skills to do it myself. The reports they give me every month have helped me to decide to carry on with a particular gig or not – and I actually understand them…

    Richard Edmondson

    Weald Kitchen Makers

    EA123 have soundly demonstrated the skills to sort the most vital business elements competently & professionally. They have saved me many hours & reduced costs.

    Charlotte Hardwick

    Hair Stylist

    5 star company!!! I felt incredibly worried when I first became self employed. Easyas123uk make it very simple on how much tax I need to set aside each month and give me all the support and advice I need.

  • In short, here's what we can do for you:

    Compliant & Safe

    • We keep your records digitally for 6 years (original receipts can get lost or fade)

    • We prioritise keeping your data safe

    • We recommend you have a separate bank account as the ‘source of truth’ for tax inspection

    Complete & In-time

    • Data on all your gigs or projects

    • 100% accurate because we work mostly from your bank data

    • On our This Year service as soon as we have your bank data & paperwork we start to process, so your books are kept up-to-date

    Supported & Accessible

    • Dealing with HMRC can be daunting, so we provide user-friendly guides to registering then submitting tax returns (we can also communicate with your authorised advisor or refer you to an EA123-approved qualified tax specialist)
    • As self-employed bookkeepers we understand both your issues & the accountant's technical language, so if you have an accountant or tax advisor then we can translate between the two of you
    • We will always tell you about any changes to legislation & schemes that might help you such as tax-free childcare.
  • "We could save your business, not just a bit of tax…"

  • Accountants

    We take care of your self-employed & private landlord client's bookkeeping, so you don't have to!

    Being self-employed ourselves we know how difficult it can be to provide you with Tax Return figures – paperwork is missing, mistakes are made, everything is left till the last-minute. Our total digital bookkeeping solution provides accurate figures within a month.

    We know how difficult it can be to source reliable local bookkeepers. Easy As 123's UK-wide network of bookkeepers means total coverage – no downtime, no problem.

    Bookkeepers will notify clients directly of any issues or missing items, working with them to make your life easier! So, you're freed up to do what you do best!

  • 4.8m



    Private landlords


    Missed 31st January 2018 tax deadline

  • About

    We are interested in exploring 3 key areas:

    1. The 'gig economy' - it's here to stay, and we want to be at the centre of a new approach that's needed in order to build trust.
    2. Making Tax Digital - HMRC's plans to bring in quarterly tax returns for everyone by 2021 could be a good thing.
    3. Trust - building with Blockchain & Distributive Trust Technologies to create a more secure, democratised platform for business record-keeping.

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